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Body worn camera was introduced into the two estuary installation project of hydropower 14 Bureau


Recently, the Installation Project Department of the Lianghekou Hydropower Station of the 14th Bureau of Hydro-Electricity for the first time introduced innovative “Body worn camera” to facilitate safety managers to supervise employees' violations in real time and open up new models for safety supervision.

The body worn camera integrates digital camera, digital camera, and intercom microphone functions. By using the whole process video and voice mode to control the construction site, one can supervise the employees to standardize all important aspects of the job site, on the other hand, it can accurately Record the illegal operations in the safety supervision process, so that the project safety supervision and safety production work will be significantly improved.

The Ministry of Safety and Environmental Protection will broadcast related videos at the monthly staff safety monthly meeting to allow all employees to look for irregular behaviors and to ensure their own safety and production safety while regulating their operations. At present, we are constantly exploring electromechanical installations. The new model of project safety management and control is to eliminate violations as the foundation of management and further strengthen the investigation of hidden dangers on the construction site, leaving no dead ends, said the person in charge of the project department.

Body worn camera